Create your first email marketing campaign

In this tutorial we’ll help you get started with your first campaign!

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we will only focus on the essential steps in this tutorial. You can find more detailed information about advanced features in these tutorials:

After creating a Mailmust account, you’ll need to complete 3 steps to validate your account.

1. Start by creating a contact list

Click on the “Import all of your contacts” option as shown below.

You can import your subscribers from .csv files, add manually.
To properly import data containing special characters, please ensure your files are saved as a CSV (comma delimited) or (comma separated values) file with the extension: .csv.

2. Create a campaign

After creating your list you need to create the campaign.

Creating a campaign with mailmust is very easy.

You create your email by our advanced drag and drop template builder or you choose the template from our template gallery.

3. Now you’re ready to send your campaign!

You can send test email to test your email and after that you can schedule or immediately send your emails.

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