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If you have more than 150,000, reach out via email. We can customize a plan for you.


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Send unlimited email campaigns across all pricing tiers, Build email lists, Do powerful email automation

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Unlimited Email Sending
Send Unlimted Emails to your Subscribers without any Hassle.
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Never Get Stuck
Get 24x7 assistance from our Customer Success and Support teams. You no longer have to wait for days to get your support ticket answered. Get instant help on chat.
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Free Responsive Email Templates
Get access to 50+ free premium responsive email templates for a variety of use cases and industries.


No. We only need your email address and the name of your organization, and then you will be able to start creating campaigns.
There are no contracts or hidden fees with Mailmust. You may change plans or cancel at any time. Sign up for a plan; there are no additional charges.
If you change your mind, you can cancel your plan at any time directly from your account. Your data will be stored if you wish to use our services again, or we can delete all of your records upon your request.
Not at all! Mailmust is designed with simplicity in mind, so we have the tools you need to easily build beautiful emails, create lists and set advanced preferences. If you ever need guidance, you can take a look at our many tutorials and resources, or contact our support team.
All payments are made by credit card, through our secure payment processor, Stripe. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, the subscription period is 30 days and charges are processed at the beginning of each period.
Your free trial includes access to all features.
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Our Users Love Us.

Mailmust provides reliable and affordable bulk email sending service that ensures delivery of your promotional emails.
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“A great email marketing alternative to MailChimp, I've been using Mailmust for about 11 months now. Can't speak highly enough about it. I was looking for an email marketing software alternative to MailChimp - it's easier to use, and with more features. I think most impressively, the support has been excellent. Never waited more than 30 mins for a response, and I've seen a constant stream of quality features added. Really recommend.”
Steve Buchan
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“I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. I'm able to plan my launches. I've been able to generate more sales because of this. The team are also superb - helping me with my requests very quickly. I'm barely scratching the surface as far as using the software to its fullest extent.I have to say that Mailmust is the best email marketing software I have used till date
John K.
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“If you are a small business owner, Mailmust provides a simple and cost-effective tool to build relationships with your target market.”
Shelley McNabb